"Over the course of our life, we forget how strong and powerful we actually are."

Which clients do I best serve?

My watercolor illustrations are suited for editorials and publishing pieces that focus on nature, the environment, and wildlife.


My oil paintings are in the classical realist style, and are suited for fantasy illustration, imaginative realism, and fine art subject matter.

What kind of commissions do I accept?

I work with individuals who have suffered from varying degrees of trauma, abuse, injustice, or oppression.

I work with individuals who have struggled with overcoming feelings of powerlessness and unworthiness, or feelings of being unheard or unseen, due to that suffering.

And I collaborate with them to create an imaginative realistic artwork from which they will:


  • be reminded of their inner power that has always existed, and let go of their self limiting beliefs.

  • feel free, heard and powerful, and live fully as their true authentic self.

  • know that they are enough, they're stronger than they think, and are totally capable of achieving their goals and dreams.

Who am I?

I am a painter, illustrator, and writer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. When I did a blind contour drawing exercise in sixth grade for the first time, I knew then that drawing excited and fascinated me.


I graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA in Illustration. I also studied at the Academy of the Arts University, Watts Atelier, and Hongik University in South Korea. I’ve exhibited and participated in various plein air competitions around Utah, and offer those paintings for sale in my Etsy shop at affordable prices.

I am passionate about creating illustrations and oil paintings that highlight nature and wildlife, as well as the power of an individual in figurative and portraiture work.

When I’m not working, you can often find me cat napping or bullet journaling. I indulge in matcha lattes, long hot showers in which to contemplate life, and watching cat videos for self care.

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