Let go of what keeps you from your inner power. You deserve to live with freedom.

You’re an art enthusiast all about acquiring beautiful meaningful pieces of art for the safest space in your life: your home
You’ve got so much stuff going on that seems committed to keep you stressed out. It’s not always possible to drop everything and escape to a beautiful natural landscape far away, to relieve that stress.
All you want is for your home to be filled with healing natural imagery so that it’s the best place for you to rest and recharge.

Enter the Earth-Conscious Artist.


*Cue dramatic drumroll and fanfare.


If there’s one thing that gets me energized, it’s telling a story with natural world imagery.

Hi, I’m Marian, and I’m not just an illustrator.

I create narrative representational Earth-Conscious Art to empower and connect us with nature, our humanity, and our innate magic, so that we may continue to preserve and protect our environment as we reap the benefits of its healing powers. My artwork ranges from

  • splashy watercolor wildlife illustrations, 

  • to traditional impressionistic landscape and still life paintings, 

  • to digital world creation or environment concept art, 

  • and to imaginative realist portrait or figurative work blended with natural world imagery.


Through this art, my creative purpose in life is to work with individuals who have struggled with feelings of powerlessness, unworthiness, or feeling unheard or unseen, due to having suffered from varying degrees of trauma, abuse, injustice, or oppression.


And I collaborate with them to create an imaginative realistic artwork from which they will:

  • weave their story of self empowerment with elemental and/or natural world imagery.

  • be reminded of their inner power that has always existed, and be encouraged to let go of their self limiting beliefs.

  • feel free, heard and powerful, and live life fully as their true authentic self.

  • know that they are enough, they're stronger than they think, and are totally capable of achieving their goals and dreams.

Sounds like pretty heavy stuff, huh? 
(Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist or a counselor of any sort.)

I just know that, for me personally, both art and nature are effective channels for healing, in addition to good therapy. 


And I would be honored to contribute to your journey in empowering you to own your capabilities and strengths you’ve always had, to live the life you are meant to.


With my BFA in Illustration from California College of the Arts and additional training at the Academy of Arts University, Hongik University, Watts Atelier, and Smarter Art School, I have extensive experience in painting to be able to create a custom celebration of YOU.

How do I know I can do this?
Because I’ve done it for myself.

I’m a first-generation Vietnamese American, the eldest child of 3 to immigrant refugee parents who were forced to flee their war torn home country for a chance to survive. So I know a thing or two about how generational trauma has transmitted in my own family.

For me, the passed down trauma manifested into depression and hyper vigilance. It was drilled into me my very important responsibilities as the oldest child, and being the first to make the milestone accomplishments for both sides of the family growing up. By the time I was a young adult, I had grown used to setting high expectations and meeting them. 


Until I couldn’t sustain that any longer. (Pro tip, this is a very unsustainable way to live your life.)


Every "failure" to meet an expectation resulted in a very debilitating sense of powerlessness and helplessness, not to mention the near non existent feelings of self worth.


I had abandoned art. Nothing I could make would be deemed worthy enough.


But thankfully, I got to a point as a grown adult where I had enough. I confronted my self limiting belief that I wasn’t good enough, said “FTS,” and sought the professional help I deserved. Within a year of therapy, my mindset improved, and I was able to go back to my joy that is painting from a genuine guilt free space. I painted a self portrait to mark my progress and journey in practicing more kindness with myself, and taking ownership of my strengths and power. 


And for once, I didn’t cringe! 


Let me tell you, most artists absolutely dread doing self portraits. It’s weirdly confrontational. You spend so much more time learning to capture someone else’s beauty and strength on canvas. To direct that same care and attention on to yourself? Yeah, no. It’s weird.

But yet, quietly transformative. I was healing. Through my painting, and through my own efforts in treatment. I figure, let's pass on that good karma around further for others with their own story of self empowerment. Toss in some pretty flowers while we’re at it.

So, here we are now. Trust me to be your fairy god-lady-artist to guide you through the process and let's see what magic we can make.

What else should you know about me?

I’m an INFP cat lady who loves her matcha lattes. I de-stress by taking long hot showers in which I also contemplate life.


I’m all about progress not perfection, community over competition, and working with kindness and compassion. I can be overly ambitious and a bit too altruistic, so I’m thankful to be surrounded by an amazing support system that keeps me grounded and present.

When I’m not working, you can find me cat napping, watching cat videos, or bullet journaling.

“I can't just look at what you do. Your work has the capacity to grab me, and drag me in, make me feel it. It drops me right in the middle where the scents and sounds are all around me. Just wow, you are so good.”

~Pat H.

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