Residency Reflections: Hypatia-in-the-Woods, December 2017

My first visit to Shelton, Washington was during the first half of December. Tall lush trees, and foggy mornings and nights. Sunset was at 4 pm. I listened to the rain often, and soft chitterlings from outside life.

I forgot to bring my journal with me, which made recording my thoughts down difficult. However, I wrote three separate entries in the Resident’s journal at Holly House, of which I also read past entries from previous creative women who stayed at the Holly House. It was a comforting experience, and intimate look on how these women benefitted from their stay.

The Holly House keeps the creative resident warm with a gas stove and space heater. The loft is cozy and inviting. I worked sprawled across the living room floor and on the table in the dining room were my oil painting supplies.

During my two weeks there, I painted. I did a demonstration of my watercolor process, my first time in front of an audience, and it turned out well. I received positive feedback. I currently have a few WIP pieces from the residency to finish.

When I arrived, I was actually dealing with some personal internal struggles, which ultimately impacted my productivity levels at Hypatia. Looking back on this experience now, I find my residency at Hypatia to be more of reflection and thought rather than on production. I had to really think about what projects are a priority to me, what art excites me, and how I want to pursue and achieve those goals. Sometimes, that process requires deep emotional evaluation, and it’s not always pleasant or pretty.

But it is certainly necessary.