Residency Reflections: Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, August 2017

The Artist Cabin for the residency program is situated in an off road near Brandy Creek Beach. Having only been familiar with the red rock landscapes of Utah's National Parks, a crisp blue lake surrounded by tall trees provided a refreshing alternative for plein air painting.

I only stayed a week, and didn't have the time to do all the hikes I wanted. But I was happy to have visited the Crystal Creek falls. I hope to get a chance to visit again in the future, not necessarily as a resident artist but just as a guest, to see the other three waterfalls Whiskeytown boasts. I'd prefer to visit perhaps in the spring or fall; the summer heat made going on hikes during the midday quite difficult. I scouted several ideal painting spots but sadly didn't get a chance to revisit them all in my short time.

My website will be updated soon with the new paintings I created during this week. Additional photos of the park can be found on my Instagram.